Information for HR Professionals

Verification by Fax or Mail

If you receive a verification request by fax or mail, return the request along with a copy of the Verifier Response Letter to the verifier. The letter explains that the State of Arizona uses "The Work Number" to provide automated employment and/or income verifications for our employees.


Verification by Phone or Voicemail

Please use the following script in response to verification requests by phone or voicemail:

The State of Arizona uses "The Work Number" to provide immediate on-line or phone access to automated employment and/or income verification for our employees.

Before you can access this verification information, you must register with "The Work Number" at 1-800-996-7566. Registration is a one-time process and takes approximately 5 minutes.

Once registered, you may access employment and income information in two ways:
Phone:  1.800.367.5690.

You will need the State of Arizona Employer Code, 10553, and the employee’s Social Security Number to access employee information.